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Best Pizza in Portland


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Drivers in Portland have strong opinions about what makes a delicious pizza and where to go to get it. Portland has tons of great pizza restaurants, but Mercedes-Benz of Beaverton believes these restaurants serve up the best pizza in Portland. Whether you prefer a traditional deep-dish pizza or fresh modern toppings on a thin crust, if you want to know where to find the best pizza in Portland, read on.

Life of Pie

Life of Pie provides the delicious wood-fired pizza that Portlanders love! Start your meal out with some cauliflower au gratin and then fill your pie hole with our favorite, the bacon, goat cheese, leeks, and caramelized onion pizza on an EVOO base. One taste and you’ll realize why this is one of the best restaurants in Portland.

Baby Doll Pizza

For an authentic New York-style pizza in the Hillsboro area, the place to go for big slices smothered in a tangy sauce is Baby Doll Pizza. A full 18-inches of crunchy, chewy crust is slathered with a bright tomato sauce and an extra generous portion of mozzarella cheese before your favorite toppings are added. They also deliver to your door– both pizza and beer!


Tastebud is a long-revered fixture at local farmers’ markets, which is why it opened in Multnomah Village in 2016 and has created a massive following. With plenty of mozzarella and an abundance of unique seasonal toppings, like mushrooms, green olives, red peppers, and golden raisins, you’re sure to find your new favorite pizza.

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty

Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty reigns above most Portland pizzerias and is known as one of the best restaurants in Portland. Its naturally leavened pizza pies are topped with the same ingredients you’ll likely find at that weekend’s farmers’ market. In the springtime, that means pies are topped with first-of-the-season hand-harvested morels, truffled pecorino, or juicy fennel sausage. Yum!

Try the Best of Portland With Mercedes-Benz of Beaverton

Whether you’re looking for the best Portland restaurants or other local activities, the locals at Mercedes-Benz of Beaverton are here to help! Our friendly staff is excited to show off your city through our local guide or one-on-one recommendations. Contact us to learn more!

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